National communication satellite “TürkmenÄlem52.0E” has turned 8 years old

Written on 27.04.2023

Our esteemed President who continues the path of our Hero-Arkadag, attaches great importance to the rapid development of the communication and telecommunication system. Here, the Head of State pays great attention to the modernization of enterprises, the introduction of new technologies and equipment, as well as the establishment of mutually advantageous international cooperation. This helps to further improve the system's performance according to quality standards. Thus, today, telecommunication and information technologies are integrated into all socio-economic systems and have a positive impact on their development and improvement.

As we know, Turkmenistan’s first national communication satellite “TurkmenÄlem52.0E” was launched into space on April 28, 2015. After reaching the 52-nd orbital level, it began to perform various satellite communication services. Among the first users, 11 national television and radio channels of Turkmenistan started broadcasting in high quality (HD). In addition, VSAT services have been provided to domestic enterprises and foreign companies. In 2018, FSS Teleport (HUB) was built and put into operation using the equipment of the world-famous Belgian company “NewTec” in order to further improve the satellite communication services. Since 2018, well-known foreign providers have temporarily started using transponders from our satellite and about 120 TV and radio channels in persian, urdu and dari languages broadcast in SD and HD quality. This was a great opportunity to increase the reputation of the “TurkmenÄlem52.0E” national satellite among other satellite operators in the world and attract the attention of potential customers. Also, in 2020, the DTH platform was launched on our satellite, and more than 100 high-quality TV channels in different languages of the world were broadcast and offered to TV viewers. It should be noted that Closed Joint-Stock Company “Türkmen hemrasy” signed cooperation agreements with 10 and more foreign companies in 8 years, and the services of the “TürkmenÄlem52.0E” national communication satellite are provided to enterprises, companies and several foreign companies have been using it extensively.

Closed Joint Stock Company "Türkmen hemrasy", as the operator of the national communications satellite "TürkmenÄlem52.0E", expresses its gratitude for the trust of our partners and customers!

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